Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photo Shoot

Princess Mallory

Mallory, like most other little girls wants to be a princess and would do just about anything to get it.  Grandma got her the cutest little book about how to be a princess for Valentine's Day and she believes it word for word.  It is so cute to see the things she says and does thinking it will make her a princess because the book says so.  Her behavior has even shaped up a bit because of this book.  She will be super polite and then say, "That was nice of me wasnt it mom? Because thats what princesses do."  So, every night she has to brush her hair 100 strokes in order to keep her princess title.  She brushed it for probably ten minutes or longer tonight and then came to me with tears in her eyes.  "Momma, will you brush my hair 100 strokes for me?"  Of course, i said i would and i asked her how far she had gotten so i could start from  there.  She then proceeded to tell me four.  What? She had been brushing forever.  She then told me, "I lost my count and had to start over."  SO funny!!  What a girl has to go thru to be a princess!!1

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There has been a lot going on here the last few weeks...

We have been a very busy household the last few weeks.  Be prepared, this post is going to be very pic heavy, lol.  First here are some pictures of Jacob about a week ago.  We moved him to his big boy bed last night and he did great. 
What a big boy!!

Next are pictures from Read Across America at Mallory's school.
This is Mallory and her teacher, Mrs. Powell AKA Cinderella

The next pics are from these gorgeous springlike days we have been having.

Need a push Bub!

Man, i am blessed.

Let's Race!!

Oops, we had an accident.  That tree jumped right out in front of us.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I now pronounce to you Mr. and Mrs. Jason Warren

My baby sister got married today.  It was such a beautiful wedding.  Here are some pics from the wedding.  Enjoy!